What's Wrong With Conspiracies?

In my blog posts, you may notice that I seem to come dangerously close to "conspiracy" level theories about the world.

This is inevitable if you are someone who challenges the mainstream paradigm, as anything outside what is already believed to be true could be defined as "conspiracy".

And at the most basic level, I share the premise of many of these conspiracy theories, namely that something has gone terribly "wrong" and it is outside our conventional means of control to change it.

However, I find a crucial difference between my work and conventional conspiracies such as Qanon, the Illuminati, N.W.O, Reptilian overlords etc. Which is our base assumption about how life works.

One does not need a conspiracy in order for something that looks very much like a conspiracy to take place. Unconscious psychological forces, as well as an understanding on systems theory and quantum mechanics can lead us to almost exactly the same place.

Behavior that is unconscious feels like a conspiracy because it is not conscious. We do not know the real reasons we do what we do. We simply act due to our programming and often will backwards rationalize the reasons for doing so.

In systems theory, we discover that systems take on a life of their own. They can "fight" for their own survival and perpetuation.

And in quantum mechanics, we find that life is inherently a-casual. It violates our Newtonian understanding simple cause and effect, with forces acting out on one another.

We can synergize these views to come to the same shocking conclusion: the ship is moving, but "no one" is at the helm.

Or in other words, the world may be corrupt, but there is no "corrupter".

No evil puppet master pulling all our strings.

For then who is pulling the strings of the puppet master?

No, it is perfectly possible to get the world we see despite no one intending for it to happen.

There is also one final nail in the coffin of conspiracy theories. And it not a lack of evidence, as evidence can always be found to support any belief.

It is the presence of infinite intelligence.

Turns out, the universe is not just a dumb melee of forces. It is inherently intelligent, and infinitely so at that.

However, this intelligence does not belong to "someone" or "something". In fact, it belongs to no-thing at all ("no-thing" being distinct from "nothing", as the concept of "nothing" still conjures up "something", perhaps blackness or emptiness).

Instead, this intelligence is everywhere and in all things. It is not separate from you.

Because it is no-thing, it also does not violate anything laid out by quantum mechanics, systems theory or psychology. In fact, supports it.

Have you ever felt that you life was guided? Perhaps by something that felt simultaneously bigger than you, but also within you?

That is infinite intelligence. And it is moving all the pieces of the chessboard we call life.

This concept is distinct from God, who often is depicted as a singular "thing" or being at that "out there" somewhere, separate from us and with "his" own desires.

But here, we are collapsing this duality. And realizing that no such separation ever existed.

Thus, we can let go now of all our stress and worry. Infinite intelligence is guiding the ship.

It is not a state of passivity to be guided by infinite intelligence. It is a state of active listening, feeling and responding.

When I feel it is time to move, I move.

When I feel it is time to do nothing, I do nothing.

And when I feel it is time to do cart-wheels in the forest, I do that.

We simply follow our guidance. Our guidance that we could not lose our connection to even if we tried.

At best, we can only doubt it.

Notice that some of these doubts may be coming up now. "I cannot trust this infinite intelligence you speak of. It will let me down. I will be hurt. Better to stay as a twisted ball of neurosis. My worrying is what keeps me safe".

These are not uncommon thoughts to have. They are part of our societal programming and conditioning that makes up the ego, the separate self.

Observe these thoughts. Notice how they affect you.

"But we must be reasonable" the thoughts persist. "Trust in science. You cannot prove what you are saying. The universe is dumb and without order".

Actually, infinite intelligence is creating order on a level our mind cannot even possibly begin to understand. That is because our mind is finite.

All things are well. Infinite intelligence is in control. And there is perfection in everything we see, no matter how ugly.

This does not preclude us from taking action to change the "ugly", but it does put our action in its proper place.

No more forcing.

No more conspiracies.

Only allowing.

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