MAGA Disillusionment

Trump's approval rating is at an all time low as he is impeached for the second time. A fitting end to the four year shit-show that was his presidency.

Over the upcoming years, MAGA supporters will be faced with disillusionment.

What they do not understand is that our societal narratives, and the systems that reflect and reinforce them, are deeply, deeply flawed.

This is what has caused the real pain they feel. And I share their real sense of feeling that something has gone wrong, and it must be changed.

The foundational narrative of our society is that you are an individual, separate and “other” than your experience. It is only marginally different than sociopathy in that it allows us to objectify and then exploit everything around us.

Consider the term “natural resources”. Built into this language is the assumption that the earth exists to serve us. It’s value is the value it has to humans.

Furthermore, a “natural resource” is not alive. It is just a dead thing. And we can use it as we wish.

This is objectification. It is the same rational that allows for something like genocide. Which is why I use the term “ecocide”. It snaps people out of objectification by putting planet and people on equal terms.

Much of industrial civilization stands on the back of this narrative. Without it, the whole thing would crumble.

But at the same time, we can feel this narrative to be false. We can feel the alienation and fear that comes from believing in the individual, separate self. And we can feel the truth of Oneness.

But MAGA does not understand that this is what is happening. Thus, they project. It must be the communists or the immigrants. Perhaps this Donald Trump guy can end our alienation and disenfranchisement.

But Trump could not. Because Trump is the epitome of the separate self. The perfect mirror of our own narrative, reflected back at us.

Thus, MAGA will be disillusioned. They will have to wonder why their would-be populist leader failed so badly. Why things have not changed.

MAGA is also not alone in this. I don’t intend to pick on them, as all of us participate in exploitative systems and in some way buy into the narrative of separation. But MAGA has just been dealt a huge blow and so I focused on them.'

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