Andrew Yang for NY Mayor

Andrew Yang is running for NY Mayor.

I supported Andrew Yang during his 2020 presidential campaign, both financially and with my time.

The reason I did that, besides his myriad of other excellent policies, we his vision for UBI.

UBI is not a new policy. It has been around for decades. But its time has come as we enter the era of degrowth economics.

We have to understand what it means for a policy like UBI to be successful. Criteria of success is huge.

If we assume success of a UBI means that NY expands its economy, likely politicians will be disappointed and claim it "didn't work".

But if we understand that the purpose of UBI is a disruption of wage slavery and people being forced to participate in exploitative systems, now we have a much different measure of success.

And this might be more difficult to quantify. Can we quantify how much beautiful artwork might be produced because artists are no longer so strapped for cash? Can we quantify how valuable that is? How beautiful it is?

We may make attempts. For instance, if we value beautiful art as a society, why isn't that somehow measured? Why not include that in the criteria of success?

How about increase in community or family time? Or an increase in people expanding their consciousness?

In other words, what do we really value? Like actually? Not some bullshit like GDP. That is meaningless.

We need to determine what we really value and measure that.

At the same time, we need to understand that any metric of success is still going to fall far short of encapsulating the success of a policy. We have to accept that some things just can't be quantified. And many of those things are what matter the most.

Of course, UBI is also not a panacea. That's another trap. But I do see it as one potential crucial piece of the puzzle. One of piece of restructuring our economic system to being in alignment with the well-being and abundance of all.

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