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Who is Austin kourakin?

I am a energy healer, musician and author.

I'm here to help you heal the past, transcend limitations and align with your highest self.


How I Can Help You



Austin is very compassionate and intuitive person. The highlight of the session was doing the body testing (I think that's what it's called). I found it very interesting my body can intuitively answer the questions Austin was asking. The session has given me a deeper understanding of how I have become the person I am and a better understanding of the importance of intuition and how to develop it. I'd highly recommend a session with Austin.


Austin had two classes for our sales-team from Norway (14 people) over two days, one of the days had a workshop where we got to test out the theory in practice. It was great! He gave us valuable advice and motivation! He had alot of "new" thoughts, and made our sales-team see things from a new perspective. Would book again!

Thank you so much, Austin!


I really appreciated how skillfully Austin guided me through the labyrinth of my mind, spotting exactly the places which crucial needed to be seen in order for my particular issue to move forward. Thanks for the good work ;)